Commercial Interior & Exterior

We do work for all types of commercial projects. Whether it’s brand new construction or renovation of an existing structure.

Because we offer 24 hour service, we can work within your production schedule, no matter how demanding it may be. We have skilled commercial painters who will help minimize the disruption in your office building, facility or place of business.

If necessary, our commercial painters will paint only a section of your business at a time, in a careful, efficient, safe, and professional manner, so that the remainder of your building can continue operating as usual. We are especially courteous and respectful when we do projects in occupied spaces.


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Providing lasting protection and enduring appeal. With extensive experience as a commercial painting contractor, Shaffer Painting knows the techniques, tools and materials that will protect your facilities from the elements for years to come.

Our professional painters cut no corners; we give full attention to every step of setup, preparation and application so that our premium materials give maximum performance.

Our finished product is always spectacular—just visit our latest works to see for yourself—and we’re not satisfied until you are!



We feel strongly that the project must be completed on time and on budget. 

Experience has shown us that delivering on expectations helps builds strong relationships with our clients and we go to great lengths to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. You desire attention to detail.



We know that the security of your business assets and personnel are vital, and we take that seriously. That is why all of our employees have received safety and property care training. We take pride in our work and time is taken to protect your property as if it were our own.