Cabinet & Woodwork

Cabinets & Woodwork Painting

Does your cabinetry or woodwork make your house look dated and drab? Let Shaffer Painting update your woodwork to look fresh and fab in just a few days. We can stain and finish new wood or change the color of old wood.

Is your trim work beaten up with scuffs, scratches and dings? With Shaffer Painting’s step process and high quality paints, stains and finishes, your trim work will look brand new again.

Give your existing cabinets a better-looking custom finish at a fraction of the cost of buying all new cabinets. Different techniques and styles, like distressing and glazing, give a unique, one-of-a-kind finish you will love.

No Stripping Involved

The water-based or solvent-based conversion varnishes we use go on smoothly without using smelly stripping solvents, yet provide a long-lasting, high quality finishing at an affordable price. We go right over the existing finish, and you still have the option whether or not you want to see the wood grain. Show the grain with a darker color that breathes new life into your cabinets. Or hide the grain with a sleek finish that feels like brand new furniture. So give your home an instant facelift now.

Our Process

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Steps we take to paint your cabinets

  • All cabinets are taken apart
  • All wood is sanded to remove sheen
  • Prime one coat of oil based primer
  • Paint two coats of a top of the line acrylic finish (color of choice)
  • Most all cabinets are sprayed to avoid brush marks
  • Cabinets are then reassembled
  • Insides of most cabinets are painted upon request